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Refractory Bricks

Standard size: 230mm*114mm*65mm; special size and OEM service are also provided

Fire Clay Brick: 35-48% Al2O3 content, low price, suitable for large area laying of lining and wall of furnace under 1400℃, high refractoriness under load, low creep and apparent porosity.

High Alumina Brick: 55-90% Al2O3 content, ≥3.0g/cm3 bulk density, high cost effective, suitable for furnace lower than 1600℃, molded under high pressure, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low creep, stable thermal shock and the service life is 1.5 times of ordinary products. 

Insulating Brick:  Including fire clay insulating brick, high alumina insulating brick and mullite insulating brick, for insulation layer of furnace lining, good insulation performance, different kinds for different furnace working environment. 

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